Taking IT to the Limits: Tips for Advanced Uses of Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g

A new Oracle white paper explores advanced uses of Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g, offering creative approaches to IT management as well as step-by-step guides for specific issues—from architecture setup to database patching.

The new white paper is culled from a forthcoming book, Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control—Advanced Techniques for the Real World, by Porus Homi Havewala and scheduled to be published by Rampant Books in the fall of 2010.

“My idea was to sum up key tips for setting up and working with Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g Grid Control, based on my own, hands-on experience,” says Havewala.

Topics include:

* Architecting scalability. Based on the author’s experience working with a major telecom company, he offers tips for architecture planning, use of multiple servers, and effective load balancing. When done right, says Havewala, “it is possible to manage, with ease, hundreds or even thousands of Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control targets.”

* Strategies for optimizing backups.. Gain insight into various strategies for setting up and scheduling Oracle Recovery Manager backups via Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control, instead of the older, more time-consuming manual method of Unix shell scripting and “cron” jobs. Havewala describes how to set up both incremental and full weekly backups, including using snapshots on NetApp Filers.

* Enhancing security. The introduction of target groups in Oracle Enterprise Manager makes it easier to manage security, explains Havewala, because “when disparate database teams login to the Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control console, they have access only to their own target groups.”

* Patching databases. Oracle Provisioning and Patch Automation Pack, “one of Oracle’s biggest advantages over third-party database management tools,” according to Havewala, includes increasingly sophisticated features such as multiple patch application, patch flow customization, and pluggable authentication modules support.

* Using Oracle Active Data Guard. Learn how DBAs can use Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control to easily set up, manage, and convert standby databases to Oracle Active Data Guard configurations.

Download the white paper Advanced Uses of Oracle Enterprise Manager now.