Run Weblogic in Production mode

I always go with the default installation of Weblogic and always get the Sun JVM in Development mode. If you have installed Weblogic in Development mode but want to run it in the Production mode, its very simple. Start the weblogic as follows:

$./ -Dweblogic.ProductionModeEnabled=true

The key-value pair “weblogic.ProductionModeEnabled=true” will start the weblogic server in Production mode. The key difference between Development mode and Production mode (by default, without any JDK installations specified in the installation) is that the Development mode runs with Sun JVM and Production mode runs with JRockit JVM.

JRockit is enhanced JVM and enhanced for its performance. Its one of the best and fastest JVM until now (as claimed by WL aka Oracle). If you install JRockit Mission Control, then you can measure the performance of your Weblogic server (JRockit also supports Sun JVM and other JVMs).

If you want to start Weblogic in the background and want to get the stdoutput in a log start it as follows:

$ nohup ./ -Dweblogic.ProductionModeEnabled=true &


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